Saturday, June 6, 2015


We thank the Benchmark0 and The Malaysian Insider for giving us free publicity and driving traffic to our side.

As a new blog, we decided to tumpang on Benchmark0 recent notoriety to get ourselves heard - and it has worked. 

Our apologies and thanks.

We stand by the authenticity of the documents we have posted earlier and we challenge 1MDB and Sarawak Report to prove that these documents are fake.

Once again, we call on Sarawak Report to release the thousands of documents that they said they have on PetroSaudi and 1MDB to allow the Rakyat to make a more informed decision. 

A dozen or so documents released by Sarawak Report so far certainly does not tell the complete picture.

If Sarawak Report continues to be silent, over the next days we will expose more documents to prove the lies that Sarawak Report and their fellow collaborators have tried to pass off as the full story.

We are not defenders of 1MDB or Jho Low but we cannot stand idly by while "agents of fitnah" such as Sarawak Report and The Edge flourishes.

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